Troy Simonson, Financial Advisor

Troy Simonson was born and raised in Saskatchewan and has dedicated himself to helping the people of the prairies.

Before committing himself to serving the financial needs of the people of Saskatchewan, Troy has experienced many different things. Troy graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with an Animal Sciences degree. After graduating, Troy worked in the family business, then had a working vacation in Australia and when he returned, joined his brothers in buying their Dad’s irrigation business.

Through his adult life he has worked with Nick Ylioja as his financial advisor and has seen first hand how important proper financial planning is during the different stages of life. Since exiting the irrigation business, Troy has committed himself to helping people design and implement a financial plan customized to their needs and goals. Troy works in conjunction with Nick to help clients make their financial intentions reality.

Troy is committed to continuing his education by increasing his knowledge and skills to best serve the needs of his clients through all the stages of their lives. Troy has recently achieved the Certified Business Advisor (CBA) designation and is currently studying for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. As part of the CFP, he has achieved the FPSC Level 1. These accomplishments will enhance his knowledge and ability to better support clients in his ongoing education process to best help people with their financial goals.

Troy is married and the proud father of four young children.

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