Sherrie Normand, Director, Operations & Support

Sherrie Normand has been working in various roles in service industries for her whole career. Sherrie has a commitment to providing the best service to all she is charged to support both directly and indirectly. Since 2012 Sherrie has been working in the financial services industry supporting advisors and their clients.

Sherrie is passionate about life insurance. She believes it is a great way for people to secure their futures and gain peace-of-mind today. When it comes to getting to the bottom of issues or making sure things get done in a timely manner, Sherrie is a tenacious advocate for efficiency and accuracy.

Advisors who have worked directly with Sherrie rely on her to make sure the paperwork is done correctly, is organised and done timely. These advisors also have clients who are comfortable contacting her directly to get answers to their questions.

Sherrie is ma mom of two teenagers and two dogs.