Our Values


Intent’s Mission

To relentlessly execute the delivery of quality financial plans via a trusted team of collaborative, knowledgeable, client-centric experts and empower our clients to make their financial intentions a reality.

Intent’s Values

Authentic – to engage in all interactions with sincerity and authenticity.

Integrity – to bring the highest level of personal and professional integrity to all we do.

Positivity – to embrace and foster a culture of continued education, knowledge sharing, fairness, respect and transparency.

Passionate – to demonstrate our passion and commitment for collaboration, educating clients, delivering exceptional service and elevating the financial services industry.

Client centric – to ensure the client’s needs, best interests and intentions are always the primary motivator for our service.

Execution focused – to continuously work and refine the processes that support us in our dedication to the delivery of the promises and commitments we make to clients, partners and team members.

Community minded – to support an attitude of gratitude and servitude as we foster relationships and support those on our team and the communities we live and work in.