Our Story

Intent Planning Group is the latest chapter in Cindy Reid-Shelton’s extensive financial planning career.

Cindy began in the financial service industry as an advisor working directly with clients to build their financial plans. With continued education and experience, Cindy’s role evolved to be more of support and mentoring other advisors so they could serve the needs of their clients in the best manner possible. Top advisors routinely sought Cindy’s knowledge and insight to serve the needs of some of Canada’s wealthiest families. However, Cindy’s love of working directly with clients meant that one day, she would be back in the trusted advisor role, directly serving the needs of clients.

When it came time to name her company, it was important the name resonate with both her personal values and the highest level of client centric financial planning. After contemplating several options, Cindy kept returning to the reason she was passionate about financial planning – wanting to make sure their financial intentions became a reality.

Too often in exploring a clients current and future financial goals, the plans in place didn’t match up with what their intentions were. Time and again, Cindy would be working through financial plans with clients and as different elements were being uncovered she would clarify with the client and they would say ‘that wasn’t my intention’ or ‘that’s not my intent’.

Cindy’s mission then became to help clients match their financial plans with their intended outcome. To help them focus their intent and then achieve it. That’s how we became Intent Planning.