PIVOT – The Summary of 2020 and Business Decisions

January 13th, 2021 post featured image

As soon as our alarm goes off in the morning, we begin making decisions and weighing options. Do I press snooze? Do I have time for breakfast? Should I stop for coffee? From these kinds of mundane choices to the critical ones at work with far-reaching impact (and possibly cost), our days are filled with decisions that need to be made.

Some might argue the decisions we make on our own with no input from others are the easiest to make. Afterall, you don’t require anyone else’s opinion, data or thoughts about consequences to weigh your options and make a choice.

However, the bulk of our daily decisions are made at work and typically involve multiple people with multiple interests and opinions. We have all been on teams where the decision-making process has been slow, painful and possibly even hostile or divisive. These experiences can taint future teamwork and projects.

Many of us develop tactics to help teamwork and collaboration situations functional and as effective as possible. Unfortunately, ‘functional’ and ‘as effective as possible’ don’t always result in the best outcomes. In fact, it often results in more of a ‘this will do’ situation.

Imagine how you would benefit from tools and a framework you could take from team to team regardless of your role or the work that needs to be done. A framework to help the group collaboratively and decisively determine what matters so they can make decisions and work towards a shared purpose quicker.

Decision Dynamics, powered by Better Practice™, is a framework individuals, teams and business owners adopt and implement to facilitate collaboration, centre accountability and bring people together to define success and achieve it faster.

COVID-19 fundamentally changed how businesses operate and continues to demand fast-thinking and pivoting – the ability for individuals and businesses to rally and adapt with agility – in order to reimagine ‘normal’.. The team at Intent Planning was no different. While financial service is essential, the way we operated daily and interacted with clients changed immediately and continues to evolve.

Our leadership team leaned heavily on the principles of Decision Dynamics to help navigate the ever-changing environment the pandemic created. We were able to identify what matters, make better decisions faster AND act on those decisions with agility and confidence…together. Using principles like ‘the truth is enough’ and ‘beware of unintended consequences’, we were able to discuss options and reach decisions quickly while also remaining open to the need to change or modify as the situation evolved.

As professionals and team members, we highly recommend the self-paced course, Introduction to Decision Dynamics, powered by @BetterPractice, to enhance your individual skills and how you interact with teams. It is also great training for teams who want to expedite decision making and improve collaboration.

Teams are often asked to do more, quicker and with added challenges like time zones and competing priorities. The concepts, principles and tools Decision Dynamics offers will help you clearly identify what matters, make better decisions faster and act on those decisions confidently and nimbly, as a team.

Connect with us to learn more about great ways to add to your professional tool kit.