Nick Ylioja, Regional Vice President, Client Solutions

Nick Ylioja is passionate about helping people in the best way he knows how. He uses his financial services know-how and care for people to help clients just like you to plan for their future and feel confident in the solutions agreed upon.

Nick is born and raised in Saskatchewan and committed to the people who, like him, call it home so they can continue to live the life they want in the province they love. Over his past nine years in financial services, Nick has become an expert in helping family farms successfully transition between generations.

Nick is a believer in open communication and frank discussions about goals, expectations and commitment as part of the plan building and execution. Life insurance can often be used to help reduce the complications and increase the successes of transitioning wealth, businesses and farms between generations. Nick uses all the financial tools in the solutions tool box to custom build plans for individuals, families and business owners.

Nick is currently studying for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) to enhance his knowledge and ability to better support clients and has achieved the FPSC Level 1. This is just another step in his ongoing education process to best help people with their financial goals.

Nick is married and the proud father to a growing family, currently with seven children under the age of 10. He lives on an acreage half an hour south east of Saskatoon.